Unveiling a Game-Changing Agriculture Startup Based in Minneapolis



How does a company go from being unknown to being the "it" company? Try a six month PR campaign with a constant drumbeat of exciting and unexpected announcements. A $250M Organic Agriculture startup asked for our help to introduce their new company to the market and generate awareness among farmers, consumer packaged goods companies, non-profit community partners, and investors. Challenge accepted. We put our heads together with the client and advised them on choosing their biggest news worthy announcements. We made sure their audience heard about the great work this company has done. 


  • Total mentions: 146

  • Total impressions: 31,800,000

  • Generated 41.6% of all leads coming through website

  • Increased share of voice in media coverage from zero to approximately 10%, largely taken from biggest direct competitor

  • Became this client’s agency of record