Branding for the Future of Sustainability

marcomm and branding strategy


A $250M startup approached us to help create their brand and launch their business. Their client’s concept was to become a supply chain solution for Organic and Non-GMO grain in the US. They wanted to establish a brand and identity that would resonate with farmers, consumer packaged goods companies, non-profit community partners, and investors.

Our approach included an assessment of their audiences, channels, messaging opportunities, and competitive analysis. Then, we proposed a marketing and communication plan that aligned to their business goals.

We led creation of a consistent visual and verbal brand, a PR campaign, and marketing initiatives to provide full service communications and marketing solutions. We continue to be the agency of record for the company two years later. From five employees to sixty, and from a one-room office to an entire floor, we have supported the growth and development of this business from the start. We are proud to support their efforts to make a positive impact on our food and agriculture in the US.


Within one year, we:

  • Performed stakeholder analysis on key audiences, key messages for audiences

  • Provided alignment on company values, mission, and vision as foundation for the brand

  • Developed a comprehensive 3-year strategy around communication, brand, and marketing

  • Created 28-page brand guide with resources and how-to content for maintaining brand identity, voice, visuals, and execution

  • Created 30+ print and online ads, brochures, PowerPoints, and other collateral to maintain brand consistency across all channels

  • Received consistent positive feedback from farmers, consumer packaged goods companies, and industry leaders about company branding and marketing