Helping Digital Marketers Get Better at Digital



This global medical technology leader’s Global Digital and Social Media team approached Pivot to help improve their monthly digital newsletter’s engagement rate. We combined our knowledge of digital marketing and graphic design expertise to not only inform — but to educate and inspire other digital communicators across the company.

We recognize that everyone digests information differently and that adding visuals almost always helps. This case was no different. Using imagery and more approachable language transformed dense topics into useful bytes of digital know-how. To better strategize how and when we’d deliver the streamlined content, we assisted in restructuring the FY19 editorial calendar.

The plan was simple. Reinforce 3-4 key messages per subject area (e.g., social media, analytics, content, and strategy) and find unique ways to tell (and retell) those same “stories.” Different storytelling vehicles included infographics, interviews, case studies, ad-style callouts (to promote training and high-value resources), and more engaging copy across the board.


  • We joined forces with this client’s digital experts to tailor content, rework creative strategies, and develop a digital newsletter that would beat industry standard engagement metrics

  • Three articles made the “Top 10 Most Read” list, which included infographics designed by our team

  • The average clickthrough rate increased from 24% to 29% — the highest in the previous 5 quarters