Global SAP Rollout

Change Management and Internal Communications


Manage communications for a companywide, global SAP roll out where internal communications is a new concept.

As this client was preparing to roll out SAP across its business, impacting almost every process within its core business functions, it turned to Pivot for help.  We worked closely with business leaders to understand company culture and unique needs around a major change implementation. Then, we developed a communications strategy and new communications channels to create awareness and share must-know information with key audiences before and during the SAP rollout.


  • Generated awareness and support for SAP roll out

  • Supported high impact audience with important, digestible information and access to trainings

  • Developed an internal SharePoint site with new resources to support end user questions and encourage self-help

  • Aligned with HR to support employees through the stress of change

  • Set the tone for future communications and established best practices for the client to replicate in the future